Den islandske logopedforeningen inviterer nordiske medlemmer til Caroline Bowen - dagseminar

The Education Committee of the Icelandic Association of Speech Therapists (Félag talmeinafræðinga á Íslandi) is hosting a one-day seminar with Caroline Bowen: Evidence-Based Intervention for Children with Speech Sound Disorders. This is a unique opportunity to meet and learn from this renowned scholar. The seminar will be held at Hannesarholt, Grundarstíg 10 in Reykjavík on September 8th from 9:00 to 17:00. Rates include three meals (breakfast refreshments, lunch and afternoon tea). Early birds price is 26.000 IKR until June 15th, there after the price is 32.000 IKR. Registration is open until September 1st. Tickets are available at – search for “Caroline Bowen”. NOTE: The seminar will be held in English. Following this event participants will be able to: • Select and implement core assessment procedures so as to differentially diagnose children’s SSD • Choose an appropriate intervention approach or approaches, based on assessment findings • Identify optimal targets and goals within those approaches • Implement the approaches

Publisert: 07/05/17 oppdatert: 07/05/17