Swallowing intervention outcomes in critical care: development of a core outcome set. Version 1.0 8th September 2020

Publisert: 06/12/20 oppdatert: 06/12/20


Please note: round 1 of survey closes on 7th December. 


We have started an international study to develop a core outcome set for trials of dysphagia treatments / interventions in critical care settings.  This study is registered with COMET UK (


It is a large Delphi study using minimum 2 online questionnaires and involving a wide stakeholder group, including representatives from critical care research, international Clinical Trials groups, multidisciplinary critical care clinicians and patient / carer representatives.  The time demand on any participants will be minimum (15 minutes to complete each survey round) and we can ensure that individual confidentiality will be maintained.   


The study is being conducted at the School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences, Queen’s University Belfast in conjunction with the Department of Clinical Speech and Language Studies, Trinity College Dublin and has received ethical approval on 13th October 2020 [QUB Faculty REC reference no: MHLS 20_114].  This core outcome set will be widely promoted for use by all researchers conducting research into dysphagia interventions in critical care.  This is an emerging area within critical care research and by developing and adopting this core outcome set we can enhance the design, conduct and evaluation of such intervention trials in the future.