Survey of telehealth with children with developmental Speech and Language Disorders

Publisert: 17/07/21 oppdatert: 17/07/21

Telehealth with children with Developmental Speech and Language Disorders has been a major concern for speech and language therapy practitioners since early 2020.  We are interested in your experiences of how it has worked for you both in terms of advantages and disadvantages and how you think it should be best employed in the future. This survey has been developed by a team at Newcastle and Cambridge Universities and in collaboration with the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists and builds on the previous questionnaires sent out to all speech and language therapists by RCSLT in 2020.  

The primary focus is the UK but we would also be interested in hearing from colleagues working in other countries in Europe.  The on-line questionnaire will close on the 16th of August 2021 and we hope that you will be able to complete it before then.

The survey can be accessed here: